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Lee Carbide Dies

A high quality 4-die set with a carbide sizer die, requires no case lubing.

The expander/powder charge die works exceptionally well with Lee’s own Pro Auto disc measure but will also accept other mfg’s powder measures.

Separate seating and and crimp dies give the user full control over these two operations that are so important for reliable accurate ammunition. $75

Hornady Custom Grade Dies

A 4-die set with all the features of Hornady’s series of New Dimension Dies.

Highly polished, hardened full length sizer. (requires lubing)

Separate dies for seating and crimp functions. Seating die has Hornady’s inline sliding alignment sleeve seater and the crimp die forms an absolutely beautiful taper crimp.

All dies are of top notch quality and craftsmanship. $75

Take Notice: The 50GI cartridge has the same rim/base dimensions as the .45ACP cartridge and uses a .45ACP shellholder.

GI Bullets (.500 dia.)

Suitable for the GI cartridge as well as .50AE and .500 S&W Magnum cartridges.

#GI275B 275gr. GI JHP, $108.50/500, $217.00/1000
#GI300B 300gr. GI JFP,  $103.50/500, $207.00/1000


50GI Brass

#GIB 50GI Brass............. $ .39 per case


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