Bushing O-Ring

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Bushing O-Ring


  • The bushing O-ring is simply slipped around the bushing and retained by the groove. As the grip screws are tightened, the O-ring is forced down a conical seat and outward against the counterbore. When the grip is fully seated, the compressed O-ring isolates the grip from the bushing with a rubber cushion that prevents contact between the bushing and the grip when the gun is discharged.
  • Cushioning shock to the bushing minimizes loosening of both the bushings and  the grip screws.
  • Fragile and expensive grips of ivory, mammoth ivory and mammoth tooth are protected from potentially damaging impact with the bushings when shooting.
  • The use of O-rings with abrasive grip materials such as G10 and carbon fiber will minimize scuffing of the frame caused by the repeated sliding motion between grip and frame during discharge.
  • With the grips held firmly in place, the feel and performance of the gun is enhanced.
  • The bushing O-rings supplied by Challis Grips are a special size manufactured specifically for use with Challis Hex Drive Bushings.