Caliber Conversion Unit

Whether you order our Model No.1 pistol "born" in .45 ACP or have our .45 ACP conversion unit fitted to your 50 GI cal. Model No. 1, the advantages are the same: A very low recoiling and fast shooting pistol with the strongest, most reliable.45 ACP magazines ever made for a 1911 pistol. Since the 50 GI and the .45 ACP cartridges have identical rim/base dimensions changing calibers is simple and fast. The conversion unit consists of barrel, magazine and guide rod/plug with appropriate recoil sping. Please go to our "Model No1 .45 ACP " page for further details.

Take notice:
Our .45 ACP conversion unit is not a drop- in, fit all unit. With all the attention to fit, finish and function that goes into building the Model No.1 pistol it would not do the pistol justice to simply "throw on" a conversion unit. Each conversion unit starts out with an oversize, match grade barrel that is meticulously handfitted to the individual pistol.

Pistol is then tested thoroughly for accuracy and funtion with a variety of ammunition types.

In addition to the cost of the conversion unit there is a (labor) fitting charge for same, please see "Pricing" page.


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