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  • Shredder Government/Commander Grips

    Our Shredder grips come standard on many models of our custom 1911's, and now you can add these unique grips to your pistol! The Shredder grips are the perfect balance between comfort and an effective gripping surface. Traditional 1911 grip panels have...


  • GI Aluma-Grip Government/Commander Size

    Our GI Aluma-Grips come standard on all of our M-Series pistols, and now you can add them to the 1911 of your choice. Made from high quality aluminum, anodized in black or grey, and featuring an aggressive checkering pattern. Available in a number of...


  • Frag Grip Panels for Government/Commander

    The GI Frag grip panels are inspired from the Mk. II Pineapple grenade, used in WWII. The Frag pattern provides superior grip while avoiding overly aggressive checkering which can cause pain after extended shooting. Keep your pistol where it needs to be...


  • Dichrolam® Grips (Red Burl)

    What makes Dichroic Laminates so special? The Dichroic Optical Core within each lamination is unique in its ability to filter and reflect specific wavelengths of light. This results in a product that will produce dramatic color shifts as the...