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  • Model 2 50 GI™

    The Model 2 custom 1911 has all of the same great features of the Model 1, but also includes a full length rail, full length dust cover, and a monolithic slide. The added weight in the front of this custom 1911 makes the already soft shooting .50GI round...


  • Model 3 .50 GI™

    The Model 3 custom 1911 is a commander size pistol chambered in the .50GI round. This custom 1911 is the ideal pistol to carry the most controllable stopping power offered in a 1911 platform. This pistol is easiest to conceal with a bobtail frame and...


  • Model 1 50 GI™

    Externally, the Model 1 custom 1911 is the same size and weight as a Government 1911. Only when you look inside can you find the precisely engineered changes that allow this platform to fire the .50GI round. This model is where it all started for...


  • Model 4 .50 GI™

    The Model 4 custom 1911 is a Long Slide chambered in the .50GI round, which makes it the perfect candidate for a hunting pistol as well as a target 1911. The longer barrel and slide not only provide you with extra weight on the front end of the gun and a...


  • Model 5

    The Model 5 custom 1911 is our Concealed Carry Option (CCO) chambered in the .50GI. The ultimate in concealed carry defense, the Model 5 custom 1911 delivers devastating firepower out of a small and reliable package.  This CCO comes standard with a...