Guncrafter Industries, Huntsville, AR

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At Guncrafter Industries we still do it “old school” by hand fitting every component to perfection. Even the magazines are fitted, tuned, and tested to assure reliability. In a time where everything moves faster every day, we take pride in the fact that we still use a file, and know how. Take a look at our pistols, but remember we build them one at a time to your request, so the pistols shown are just one customers idea of their perfect pistol.

Unique Features and Why:
Our frames, slides and barrels are all machined from forgings, because after all this time and the advancements, it is still the best, most durable foundation for a high quality custom pistol.

The fire control group - hammer, sear and disconnector- are made from high grade tool steel and our slide stops are machined from bar stock chrome moly steel for the utmost in durability.

We offer three types of front strap and mainspring housing treatment, 20 LPI "Carry" checkering, 15 LPI x 90º full coverage checkering and our unique FRAG pattern, each giving the shooter a secure grip while being gentle on the hands.
Our Melonite finish, either as a standard feature or as an option is extremely corrosion and abrasion resistant, ideally suited for hard working firearms.

All components in our pistols are carefully chosen for functionality, durability, and aesthetics.
The attention to detail is unsurpassed; our gunsmiths are encouraged to make it better, not faster.
Each and every pistol that leaves our shop is handled and scrutinized by Alex himself, ensuring that the future owner is as proud of his pistol as we are to put the Guncrafter Industries name on it.

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