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Model 1 50GI  : Click to view --->     The Guncrafter Industries 50GI cartridge was designed from the ground up specifically for our Model No.1 pistol. It is a very strong, thick-walled cartridge which when loaded is approximately the same OAL as a standard .45ACP round. Due to the larger caliber, the cartridge operates at relatively low pressure and has a long reloading life.

The concept was to create a practical 50 caliber 1911 without unnecessary bulk and weight but with the benefits of increased knockdown power while still being completely controllable during rapid fire. The design of the M1 is such that recoil is controllable even with the more powerful round. The 50GI was intended primarily as a self-defense round but is still very versatile and can be loaded to higher or lower levels if desired. Our standard power factory round drives a 300gr. bullet at 700-725fps, which translates into a 210 power factor. Felt recoil of this offering is comparable to a 230gr. .45ACP hardball factory round. Another of our factory loads drives a 275gr. bullet at 875fps which delivers even more serious stopping power downrange while having felt recoil similar to a 10mm.

#GI300A 300gr. GI JFP 700 fps 20/rds.
#GI275A 275gr. GI JHP 875 fps 20/rds.

The accompanying Taylor Knockdown ballistic table demonstrates the benefits of increased bullet weight.

Ballistic Comparison Chart
Taylor Knockout Factor = caliber x weight x velocity : 7000 =
Taylor rating
9mm 125 JHP 1175 7.47
40 S&W 180 JHP 1050 10.07
357 mag 158 JHP 1250 10.80
45ACP 230 JHP 875 12.98
44 mag 240 JHP 1250 18.41
50GI 240 LSWC 750 12.88      45ACP level
50GI* 300 FP 720 15.45      41 Mag level
50GI* 275 JHP 890 17.51      41 Mag level
50GI 300 JHP 860 18.43      44 Mag level
* Factory load
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