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.50GI Reloading Dies
.50GI Lee Reloading Dies | Guncrafter Industries

.50GI Reloading Dies

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Powder Dipper no longer provided

Custom made by Lee Precision for Guncrafter industries this four die set includes: Powder Through Expanding Die, Bullet Seating Die, Crimping Die, Carbide Sizing Die, shell holder, powder measure, and loading data. Install this die set into your press and you have all that you need to start making ammo for your .50GI Guncrafter industries Pistol.

50 GI Reloading Data Link


The following four loads are our factory loads:

GI 300 grain  JFP bullet, 5.1 grains of Hodgdon Titegroup Powder, OAL 1.220", velocity of approx. 720 fps
(we list it as 700 fps…..)
All around good defense load, recoils like a std. 45ACP.
GI 275 grain  JHP bullet, 7.8 grains of Alliant Unique powder, OAL 1.220”, velocity of approx. 890 fps (we list it as 875 fps…….)
Excellent compromise between power and controllability.
GI 185 grain CHP (Copper Hollow Point) bullet, 8.7 grains of Alliant  Bullseye, 1.220”OAL, velocity of approx. 1200 fps. Close to 600 foot pounds of energy with mild recoil. The solid CHP bullets are individually turned on a high precision CNC lathe resulting in extreme accuracy. Upon impact the CHP expands to a full 1”diameter, a formidable self defense round.
GI 230 grain CHP (Copper Hollow Point), 7.1 grains of Alliant Bullseye, 1.220”OAL, velocity of approx.
1000 fps. The same design as the 185 grain CHP, the heavier bullet results in deeper penetration while still expanding to 1”diameter, great for self defense.
Handloaders will find the following loads rewarding:
300 grain IMI JHP bullet, 5.8 grains of Titegroup, OAL 1.220", velocity of approx. 800fps.
Very accurate, very controllable and pleasant to shoot and with plenty of stopping power.

240 grain Lead SWC, 4.4 grains of Vihtavuori N-310 Powder, OAL 1.230", velocity approx. 750 fps.
Light target/plinking load, extremely accurate and very light recoil.
300 grain Speer TMJ bullet, 8.0 grains of Alliant Herco Powder. OAL 1.220".
velocity of approx. 875 fps.
Stout self defense load, also suitable for smaller bears, wild boar, medium sized deer...etc.
Recoils like a +P .45 ACP/ Factory 10 mm.
The following 3 loads are all midrange loads for GI 300 grain JFP bullets, cartridge OAL at 1.220”
Hodgon Universal , 6.5 grains, velocity 800 fps.
Alliant Bullseye, 5.5 grains, velocity 740 fps.
Vihtavouri N-330, 7.0 grains, velocity 775 fps.
The following 3 loads are all midrange loads for the GI 275 JHP bullets, cartridge OAL at 1.220”
Hodgon Titegroup, 5.4 grains, velocity 770 fps.
Alliant Power Pistol, 8.2 grains, velocity 860 fps.
Alliant Herco, 7.2 grains , velocity 815 fps.
We recommend that a firm taper crimp be applied when reloading the 50 GI, a case diameter at the case mouth of .5235”- .5240”works well.
Approach all loads with caution, start out with loads reduced 10 %. Use CCI, Remington or WW  Large
Pistol Primers when loading for our M1, M2 or M3 pistols.
When loading for our 50 GI conversion unit for the Glock 20/21 we recommend Federal, WW or Remington Large Pistol primers. The CCI primers are hard and the Glock striker (firing pin) might not reliably set off the primer.

  • 5
    Still waiting

    Posted by Ron korobi on Feb 29th 2024

    Haven't received it yet

  • 4
    50GI Reloading Dies

    Posted by Tom on Aug 18th 2023

    These are pretty typical for Lee Precision dies as far as design, function, and finish. There is a forth die that seems to be a separate crimp die without a bullet seating plug and adjustment screw. Still not sure and no response from Guncrafter or Lee.

  • 4
    Lee 50 GI Dies

    Posted by Patrick Lutz on Jul 19th 2021

    Very adequate product created by Lee Manufacturing. I have put them to use and I am waiting for the rest of my orders.

  • 5
    Awesome die set

    Posted by Johnnie Littleton on Jul 5th 2020

    I have 20 sets of Lee dies and have had zero issues with any of them. This set is just as good as the rest. A little pricey but I understand why. Carbide sizer is a plus and fcd is another.

  • 5
    Great set of dies

    Posted by Philip Farr on Jun 10th 2020

    These are very nice dies and the included load data from GI is exactly what the handloader needs. Customer service at it's best!

  • 1
    Lee is bunk

    Posted by Richard Pracht on Sep 25th 2019

    using Lee dies reminded me why I like RCBS BETTER.

  • 5
    50 gi loading dies

    Posted by roger hicks on Sep 17th 2018

    I checked the sizing dies on the new brass then loaded 100 rounds of different loads we'll see which ones we like best after a day at the range the dies performed as expected

  • 5
    .50 GI reload dies

    Posted by Don Squires on Sep 29th 2017

    Dies work very well

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