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Model 1 .45ACP : Click to view --->
Model 1 .45ACP : Click to view --->
Model 1 .45ACP : Click to view --->

     Even though the 50GI gets most of the attention we haven’t forgotten about the .45ACP fans. The M1 is also available solely as a .45ACP as well for those who have large supplies of .45ACP ammo or simply want the finest .45ACP 1911 available. The 45M1 uses the very same components as the 50GI M1 and you get the benefits of an extra heavy match quality barrel due to it having the same outside diameter as the 50GI with a smaller bore size. The slide is also lighter by design which makes the 45M1 a very low recoiling, fast and sweet shooting pistol. Another major improvement is the magazine. Standard 1911 mags have always been a weak point due to the original design which limits the thickness of the metal used. Our .45 magazines are made specifically for the M1 and are made of heavier gage steel for increased strength and have the same reliability features as our 50GI mags. The icing on the cake is the ability to convert your 45M1 to a 50GI with nothing more than a barrel and magazine swap when you are ready to step up to 50GI power.

These features combine to make the 45M1 worth taking a closer look at, compare for yourself.

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