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Model 1 50GI  : Click to view --->     When we set out to design the M1, we started with a totally clean slate. We didn’t set a selling price and then try to decide on parts and features that would meet that price, instead, we carefully selected each and every part and feature to best meet our criteria for a superior defensive pistol. We could have completely changed the look of the M1 but we wanted to keep the classic Colt 1911 lines as well as the original size and weight. Sure, we could have made the whole pistol bigger and the round more powerful but let’s be honest, a 5" 1911 is the biggest handgun that most of us will carry on a daily basis and the 50GI cartridge has the extra power needed to get the job done while being controllable.

The 50GI round was designed from the ground up to launch 50 caliber bullets from the Model No.1 pistol. Many experts agree that heavy bullets in conjunction with a large cross sectional bullet is crucial for increased stopping power. It is becoming more and more evident the importance of a heavier bullet in relation to stopping power. The 50GI is a low pressure round that doesn’t give you a big concussion blast like high pressure rounds such as the 10mm does. This makes it more tactically sound in a firefight. The 50GI case was designed with a .45ACP case head size which allows for a barrel and magazine swap so either round can be used in the same pistol with only a barrel and mag swap. This further increases its versatility and value. We also offer a variety of factory loaded ammunition and a complete line of reloading components for the hand loading enthusiast.

A defensive pistol should have a simple, clean design with ergonomics to enhance the operation without complicating it. The M1 was designed for hard daily use. We have been in the 1911 industry for many years and have shot and carried 1911's during that time. We have learned through experience what works, what doesn’t and “why.” Every feature on the M1 exists for a reason; to make the pistol as user friendly and durable as possible. That is why we completely redesigned the magazine in order to have the best possible 1911 inside and out. Even the cosmetics reflect the no-nonsense seriousness of the M1, and Professional shooters everywhere can appreciate that. We spend a great deal of time on important aspects of the pistol such as reliability and precision fitting of all the components. We don’t need gimmicks on the M1. Options on the M1 are limited to items that can enhance the pistol for specialized needs. We will not make any modifications that would be detrimental to the operation or reliability of the pistol.

The M1 is an extremely versatile pistol that is capable of many roles, whether it’s personal self-defense or offensive Police or Military operations. It also has potential as a hunting round and as a backup/protection pistol while hunting or hiking. The M1's versatility is one of its strongest attributes, and it fills the gap between a medium power .45ACP and large hand cannons.

The M1 is a true custom quality pistol that you can feel confident with. It’s important to ask yourself why you carry a handgun. If today was “THE” day, wouldn’t you want the best tool for the job? We do, which is after all the true mission of the M1.

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