230gr Solid Copper Hollow Points (20 Count Box)

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.50GI 230gr Solid Copper Hollow Point Ammunition | Guncrafter Industries

The .50GI round was designed to be the maximum controllable stopping power out of a pistol platform, and these solid copper hollow points are just that. Perfectly turned from a solid piece of copper, these are the ultimate defense rounds.

The 230gr projectile leaves the barrel at approximately 1000fps,  expands to over 1" in diameter within 2" of hitting a soft target, leaving a 5" wound cavity, delivering 8" of hydrostatic shock damage, penetrating 11", and transferring over 500 ft. lbs. of energy.

AGE RESTRICTIONS: You must be 21 years of age to purchase handgun ammunition.

TERMS OF SALE: All Ammunition sales are final. Ammunition may not be returned or exchanged at any time after delivery.


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