Grip Screw O-Ring

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Grip Screw O-Ring


  • Further isolation and attenuation of shock can be achieved by the use of a special O-ring fitted to the grip screw. As the screw is tightened, the O-ring is forced downward and outward, imposing itself between the hexagonal flats of the bushing and the bore through the grip, providing additional cushioning between the grip and bushing.
  • With conventional bushings, there is insufficient space between the bushing and the bore to allow entry of a compressed O-ring, and the slot in the top of the bushing tends to quickly damage the O-ring.
  • Grip screws frequently loosen when shooting with G10 and other rigid and heavy grips. In these conditions, O-rings provide a high friction seat for the screw which minimizes loosening. The Challis Hex Drive Bushings are designed to enhance the performance of O-rings used for preventing screw extraction from discharge forces.
  • The grip screw O-rings supplied by Challis Grips are a special size manufactured specifically for use with grip screws. They will not prevent the grip screws from fully seating unlike the #60 O-rings commonly used in the past.