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Parts & Accessories

  • Guncrafter Industries Slide Stop

    The Guncrafter Industries slide stop is machined from either stainless or carbon bar stock steel for superior performance and durability. All of our parts need to be fitted by a gunsmith. Please select caliber, and type of steel. 


  • Guncrafter Industries 1911 T-Shirt

    What better way to pay homage to the great John Moses Browning than to wear a shirt with his iconic design in the most basic form? We love the 1911, and we know you do as well.    These quality T-shirts are charcoal black and made out of a...


  • AAA Concealment OWB (Outside the Waistband) Single Mag Pouch

    The Outside the Waistband (IWB) single magazine pouches from AAA Concealment are the perfect option to fill out your Everyday Carry (EDC) kit. Everyone that carries a firearm for a potential self-defense situation owes it to themselves to carry at least...


  • AAA Concealment USPSA/IPSC Competition Holster

    These AAA Concealment kydex holsters and mag carriers are custom made for Guncrafter Industries 1911's. This competition ready holster is a great option if you are looking to get into USPSA/IPSC. It is fully adjustable for ride height and cant, and...