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Custom Firearms

Custom Firearms
  • The BC-17 "Hellcat" Government

    We here at Guncrafter Industries are proud to announce our newest custom 1911: The BC-17 "Hellcat". The Hellcat has been designed from the ground up to be the next generation of Guncrafter Industries fighting 1911's. The name centers on the new...


  • The H.O.S.S. Custom 1911

    In the world of custom 1911's, real innovations are few and far between. When we came out with the 50 GI it was a significant contribution to the world of 1911 pistols. We have now brought forth more innovation to the industry with the introduction of...


  • The Hellcat X2 Government

    Guncrafter Industries is excited to announce the release of our Hellcat X2. The Hellcat X2 combines many of our popular features and puts them into a double stack pistol worthy of the Guncrafter Industries name.  Standard features...


  • The Official Front Sight 1911 CCO

    Guncrafter Industries is proud to be the maker of the family of Official Front Sight 1911's. Every detail of the Official Front Sight 1911 has been carefully selected by the expert Range Masters at Front Sight for enhancement of the 1911's usability and...